Sunday, September 10, 2006

"Ya gotta love it!" Really?

Last evening, I sat down to watch a couple of television programs I'd recorded. While watching one of them I encountered the now infamous "Head On, apply it directly to your forehead" commercial. Let's just say it's impossible to fast forward through that commercial quickly enough to suit me. A friend who was watching with me said, "Ya gotta love it! It's so obnoxious that it definitely grabs your attention." Oh, really? It's way beyond obnoxious, and I don't "gotta love it." In fact, any thoughts I may have had in my head about trying Head On have now been pushed out by loathing for that commercial. UGH!



Diana said...

Not only is that commercial super annoying, but there seems to be a reason to think that HeadOn could be dangerous, as it contains a carcinogen! I used to use it, but not anymore.

I just saw the think to your blog on, so this is my first visit. I'm always glad to "meet" another migraineur. :)

Abigail said...

Hi, Diana,

Nice to "meet you. It was so sweet of Teri to link to me from I'm a member of the forum there, but read mostly instead of posting.

Hope you'll come back. I'm just getting started here.

Have a wonderous weekend,