Sunday, September 10, 2006

Welcome to my Migrainous Wanderings!

Hello. How are you?

My name is Abi, and I'm a Migraineur. Saying that always reminds me of watching television programs or movies with scenes from AA meetings. I actually find that somewhat appropriate since the Serenity Prayer has helped me through more than one long night with a Migraine. BTW, if you're wondering why I capitalize Migraine, it's a habit I picked up from Teri Robert. I noticed that she always capitalizes it and emailed to ask her. She told me:

"I capitalize Migraine as an advocacy issue. Too many people still believe that Migraines are "just bad headaches" when, in reality, Migraine is a potentially debilitating genetic neurological disease. By capitalizing Migraine and various forms of the word, we set it apart and, hopefully, cause people to question and come to a new awareness of Migraine as a disease."

Teri has taught me more about Migraine disease and given me more hope than anyone else in my 35 years of trying to cope with these blasted attacks.

That brings me to the point of this blog. For several years now, I've been wandering the Internet, exploring sited about Migraines. Yes, I've found some great ones, but I've also found some that are just plain horrific. The horrific sites fall into several categories:
  • Inaccurate sites - probably because the people running them are just misinformed themselves.
  • Out-of-date sites - run by someone who has read old, old books or sometimes by doctors who went to medical school before much was known about Migraine and has never taken the time to learn anything new.
  • "Idiot" sites - These sites are run by people who think we're idiots or they are. They promise a cure, but there isn't a cure for Migraine yet. When I see "cure," I click off a site immediately.
  • Exaggerated sites for products - The products on some of these sites might actually be helpful, but the people running them felt it necessary, for some inexplicable reason, to exaggerate their claims or say they're affiliated with or endorsed by a reputable organization. Even if their products are great, I won't buy from these sites because I feel like they're lying to us. Products should stand on the truth.
  • Other product sites - Then there are the sites where the people running them make a case based on their own "science" that they can't prove. Some of these people probably believe what they're saying. After all, their products help some people, right? Well, remember this -- In clinical trials, even the placebo helps about 30-35% of people.

In this blog, I'm going to write about the sites I've found, my Migraines, what's helped me, and more. Please join me in my wanderings.


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Diana said...

Teri totally rocks. It often seems that whenever I'm feeling really alone in my struggles, I bump into something in the resources she's established at that relates to my dilemma. It helps so much!