Sunday, September 10, 2006

With sympathy to the family of Levi Ringer

Levi Ringer started complaining of headaches in March. His mother took him to the hospital, where he was kept overnight, diagnosed with Migraines, and discharged with Migraine medications. In April, she took him back to the hospital because he was experienceing dizzy spells; and in June, she took him back with a stiff neck.

Mrs. Ringer says that the doctors refused to order an imaging study until June when she became insistent. Then she was told there was a three-month waiting list.

When a brain scan was finally performed on July 20, it was discovered that he had a brain tumor, which by that time had grown enough to have started down his spine. He was rushed into emergency surgery that failed to save his life. Levi died due to respiratory failure on August 29.

Rest in peace, Levi. My sympathy goes to his mother. My contempt to his doctors.

from "Brain tumor boy's mum attacks doctors." Leedstoday Evening Post.


dailypains said...


This is my first time to visit your blog...i"ve been surfing the net about headaches and is a subscriber of Teri's...I find your blogs very enriching...

I am also 42 years old and as far as i could remember i have been suffering from headaches since age 8...but it was only when i was 18 yrs old that i was diagnosed of migraine.My attacks wasnt as frequent as it is now...I was diagnosed with daily chronic headaches in 2002 and was detoxified right there and then due to my abuse of pain reached a point that I would take 5 paracetamols in a span of 2 hours and later, my husband would run me to the hospital emergency, at least once a month in a period of one year , as Ive become resistant to oral medications...I estimate , the daily headaches started about two or three years prior when i finally decided to consult a neurologist.
As for now, I am really at a lost as to how to control my neurologist has not ordered for an MRI or brain scan..truth is, i am also not quite prepared to go through only consolation is, should there be something in there, like tumor or cancer, God forbid, I should have died a long time ago.

I am glad to read your blogs...its been really helpful..

Hoping for a headache free days to both of us...

Abigail said...

Thanks so much! Do you have a blog anywhere? If you do, please let me know.