Sunday, August 08, 2010

Migraine and Disability, the Best Post I've Seen!

Kudos to Migraine specialist and AHDA advocate Bill Young who wrote the best blog post I've ever seen on the topic of Migraine and disability. Here's the first paragraph:
"In order to bring new treatments to people with severe migraine we have to be able to measure the disability and impact of migraine. I am a physician who cares for and about people with severe headaches, but I have encountered a problem communicating with other doctors, scientists, and with my patients about how their headaches impact their lives. In order to determine this, I ask questions such as, “What effect does migraine have on your life?” or, “How do your headaches make your life different than it otherwise would be?”. The answers I get, often accompanied by tears, vary from the people who insist on focusing on the smallest effect–what one headache feels like–to those who give me a real feel for the big picture."
You have to take the time to read the rest of this blog post, Disability, Impact and Migraine.

Thank you, Dr. Young, for all your hard work on our behalf.