Sunday, August 26, 2007

Migraine and Stroke -- Video

Migraine and stroke risk, although nothing to sound extreme alarm bells over, is definitely something all Migraineurs should know about. It's in our best interests to talk with our doctors about how we live and what we can do to reduce other risks of stroke.

Looking around today, I came across a blog entry by Teri Robert at MyMigraineConnection that features two YouTube videos. These videos were made by a woman who had a stroke that her doctor attributes to Migraine.

Take a look at this blog entry and the videos in Video from woman who had stroke from Migraine.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Diagnois is the first step with Migraines

It's estimated that half of those living with Migraine disease haven't been diagnosed. I know several people whom I really think are among the undiagnosed.

Take Sylvia (not her real name) for an example. Sylvia has severe, throbbing "headaches" accompanied by:
  • heightened sensitivity to light (photophobia) and sound (phonophobia),
  • horrid nausea,
  • and mood swings.
Sylvia is certain they're not Migraines, so certain she won't even mention them to her doctor. She told me, "They can't be Migraines 'cause I don't have that aura thing." That's a common misconception about Migraines. The reality is that only about a quarter of us have aura.

Actress Marcia Cross is a Migraineur and was part of a campaign to educate people and encourage diagnosis. Here's video of a television commercial from that campaign.

Please, take Ms. Cross's advice and see your doctor if you have unexplained "headaches."