Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wikipedia has really gone too far!

Dear Friends,

I would seldom even consider doing something like this, but I've been driven to it. I'm asking that we ALL stop using Wikipedia. You may think I'm exaggerating, but they are setting back Migraine DISEASE advocacy by years in the minds of anyone who takes them seriously.

Somewhere along the line, some misguided soul decided that the experts who had worked on the Migraine page and added many, many valid references were wrong; that Migraine is a disorder, NOT a disease. For proof, they went to the NINDS site, which most of us realize is always years behind current science. They also went to the NHF site. Now, on the NHF site, there are places were Migraine is referred to as a disease and some where it's referred to as a disorder. The "discussion" went into their dispute resolution process, and they will hear no more discussion on it, even from some of the world's leading experts in the field.

My blunt and honest opinion -- what started out as a good idea has turned into a site that sucks. There are all these "editors" who don't know their butt from a hole in the ground who think they're experts because they know how to go read a couple of web sites. They don't care how old the data is that they find; they only care about winning their point.

So, let's just stay away from Wikipedia. There are plenty of good sites. Wikipedia is no longer among them, and I see little hope for their return to sense and good information.


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ROFL! Good one, Deborah!

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