Saturday, July 07, 2007

Whining about Migraines -- Here's some honesty!

It can be really hard to know what to say to someone suffering with a Migraine or headache. You want to be kind, sympathetic, helpful. I would imagine that if you're a professional in the field -- educating, supporting, and advocating for Migraineurs -- you have to walk a fine line. You'd want to do all that being kind, sympathetic, but you might not know how to handle (drum roll, please)... the whiners and drama queens! OK. I've said it, the "w" word. Some of us can be whiners. If you frequent message boards, you know the type. About once a week (if you're lucky, it's ONLY once a week), they post virtually the same "vent" they posted the week before. Some of them will even ask for advice. The problem is that they never take anyone's advice, and they never get off their butts and do anything about their situation.

I don't think I've used this word to describe Teri Robert before, but she's brave. Yesterday, she wrote a blog entry entitled "Yes, Migraines and headaches are awful, but don't be a whiner or drama queen!" Damn! I almost spit coffee all over my monitor when I read it. She was more diplomatic about it than I could have been, but that's Teri. If anyone knows what a Migraineur goes faces, she does. If anyone understands the dangers of falling into whining, she does.

What Teri did in her blog that maybe nobody else knows how to do is to explain the difference between "venting" and "whining." She even explains how to vent without whining.

Way to go, Teri, and thanks!


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Diana said...

Wasn't Teri's post great?! Like I wrote in a comment there, if we can't give ourselves tough love, no one can.