Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring. Love it? Hate it? Migraines love it!

What a horrendous couple of weeks! In so many ways, I love spring with it's cherry blossoms, birds returning, flowers blooming! But, spring also seems to bring me more Migraines than any other time of year with wildly fluctuating temperatures and weather fronts coming through. UGH!

Of course, the increase in Migraines is at least partly my own fault. Once warmer weather arrives, I tend to curl up on my porch swing and sit there late into the night. That means going to bed later, getting less sleep. So, add that to the mercurial weather, and I'm doomed.

I can't decide if I love or hate spring. The one thing I'm sure of? Migraines love it!



Eileen said...

Ya know, I was wondering the same thing! I used to be better in the warmer months, but this past week, I got hit three times!

I'm thinking it's that everything is in bloom, even though I'm not having any type of allergy issues.

Oh well. Keep on keeping on, right?

Hope you are well!!!

Migraine Chick said...

I think Spring is trying to kill me!I love the blooming daffodils and the chirping birds, but if the weather shifts one more time. I don't think my head can take it.

Abigail said...


The whole year has been strange so far with the weather. More ups and downs than full seasons. Seems that winter came and went half a dozen times. Migraine hell for us!

Yes, I'm well. Busy, but well. Hope you're doing well too.


Abigail said...

Hi, Chick!

I hear you. Some days, I want to just take my head off and put it in the freezer for safe keeping. :-)


UpStateKate said...

Hi Abi, I share your discomfort - I love spring and summer, but the rapid weather cycles, longer days and "spring fever" all add an extra "surprise" migraine a week to my 3 a week dance card. I am trying to maintain my food, med, sleep and yoga schedules, but the beautiful days make me feel pressured to be more active and upbeat. Its harder to chill when I need to. Its good to be able to share these thoughts with someone who really understands. Lynne

Megan Oltman said...

Abi - head in the freezer sounds like a good idea! I just had some weird semi-conscious dream about removing my head in the midst of a migraine last night...

I just had migraine-hell week too. Everything's in bloom and it's gorgeous. I don't usually think weather is a trigger for me - but who knows.

I love my porch swing too - and sit out there breathing all that pollen!

- Megs