Friday, December 21, 2007

Do you need better Migraine treatment?

I definitely think we all need and deserve better Migraine treatments. For prevention, we do have many medications to try, but did you know that not a single one of them was actually developed for Migraine? No, not one. Why? One reason is that there needs to be far more research into the exact cause of Migraine and what happens in the brain during a Migraine attack. That kind of research is the basis of research for more effective treatments. BUT, the amount of research funding from the NIH for Migraine and headache research is abysmally low.

A new organization, the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy, is working hard to increase that funding. BUT they can't do it alone. They need our help. To find out what we can do to help, please read Teri Robert's blog entry, Headache On the Hill Update - the AHDA and You!

Happy Holidays,


Megan Oltman said...

How are you, Abi? this is a great piece of info - also there's a new foundation for migraine research - read about it on

- Megs

Migraine Chick said...

Thanks for the link and the info!