Sunday, November 19, 2006

People who blog about Migraine disease...

People who blog about Migraine disease and speak as if they're an authority offering educational information should do at least a bit of research before blogging. Incorrect information can be highly detrimental, confusing more people than it helps.

This morning, I ran across a blog entry entitled, "Migraine headaches come in two varieties." Not only does this person think that Migraine with Aura and Migraine without Aura are the only two "varieties" of Migraine, he or she still thinks that "Rapid changes in the flow of blood to the head" are the cause of the Migraine. Researchers have now shown that genetics and overactive neurons in the brains of Migraineurs are the cause of the disease, and that the blood flow changes are part of the Migrainous process, i.e. more a symptom than the cause.

Please, if you're reading blogs or searching the Internet for information about Migraine disease, know who wrote the information you're reading and that they actually know what they're talking about.

Leading patient advocate Teri Robert does know what she's talking about. You can count on anything she writes to be well researched and accurate. If you want to know about the types of Migraines or the cause of Migraine, visit one of her sites:
Learning about this disease is critical. Let's learn what's correct.



YoSafBridg said...

i blog about my life~since i almost always have a migraine it sometimes includes migraines sometimes doesn't so if you want to check out my blog here's the link:

Anonymous said...

I am curious as to why Teri Roberts is the ONLY person on the Internet calling migraine a disease. I've been doing research on the subject and every single site I have found that claims this neurological condition is a disease has been affiliated with her in some way and ~none~ have had any independently verifiable research cited to back up the claim.

I don't care if calling it a disease makes her happy or helps her increase awareness or make it more appealing when trying to raise funds for research, but from everything I've read it is not accurate.

Abigail said...


I wonder if you'd have made your comment if you'd had to put your name on it. Care to add your name?

First of all, her last name is Robert, not Roberts. Secondly, she's not the only person calling Migraine a disease. Check MAGNUM, the National Migraine Association or the NHF. You could also read a book or a medical journal or two.

Your post seems angry, and it seems that your anger is directed at Mrs. Robert. That's really sad as she probably does more than any other individual to help other Migraineurs.

BTW, I approved this comment, but don't bother replying unless you're going to be brave enough to post your name and email address because I won't approve a second one without them.


Teri said...


I have to wonder, as Abi did why, if you're so sure of what you're saying, you commented anonymously. If you're so steadfast in your conviction that I'm wrong, why not put your name on your comment? Ah, well. Not really important.

You said, "I don't care if calling it a disease makes her happy or helps her increase awareness or make it more appealing when trying to raise funds for research, but from everything I've read it is not accurate." Make me happy? What are you? A bit wonky? I'd be thrilled if Migraines WERE just headaches. But, they're not, and I'm NOT the only one saying so. There are plenty of research articles and books that refer to Migraine as a disease. There are plenty of articles, books, and Web sites that don't say that Migraine is or is not a disease. But the fact of the matter is that scientists have discovered some of the genetic markers related to this disease, and you're going to se it referred to as a disease more and more. If you're as well read about Migraine as you want us to think you are, you'll recognize the names of doctors who are leaders in the field of Migraine treatment and research. Right? So, I'll list some of the doctors who would tell you, if you asked them, that Migraine is indeed a disease... Dr. Richard B. Lipton, Dr. Merle or Dr. Seymour Diamond, Dr. Stephen Silberstein, Dr. William B. Young, Dr. J. C. Krusz, Dr. Randolph Evans, Dr. Stewart Tepper, Dr. Fred Sheftell, Dr. Hans Christoph Deiner, Dr. Peter Goadsby. I could go on, but that's enough.

So, next time you want to say I'm wrong, do your research better and come out and claim your comments. Don't be such a coward.

Teri Robert