Sunday, October 01, 2006

Be skeptical of Migraine info in press releases!

Google has a great feature that allows you to customize a page with news items about whatever key words you select. I love it, but have learned to be skeptical when I come across press releases there.

One I read just today is a perfect example, "Modern Treatments for Migraines and Frequent Headaches." The opening paragraph of this release says to me that this press release was most likely issued to bring this doctor business, NOT to help us. The first paragraph reads,
Today's cranial headache treatments provide a permanent end to years of needless suffering. Dr. John Halmaghi at the Michigan TMJ/Headache Institute explains the reasons behind migraine headaches. His unique program is guaranteed to permanently end chronic suffering from migraines and frequent headaches. He also explains why your previous doctors have not been able to help you.

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger! Look at that paragraph carefully. "Permanent end," "guaranteed to permanently end chronic suffering from migraines..." OK, fella, get a clue! Migraine is a genetic neurological disease. There's no cure, and most of us know that.

Personally, I find this press release and Dr. Halmaghi's claims insulting. I know there's no cure. I also know that there are treatments that, at least for some of us, can prevent most of our Migraines. BUT, that does NOT constitute a cure.

To Dr. Halmaghi, should you come across this post, certainly you know better than to claim to be able to "cure" Migraines. Shame on you!

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James said...

Thanks so much for posting this - so true and so important!

Even worse than the press releases is what the press does with the press releases. It goes from "ending suffering" to "a cure" to a "new hope for the end of migraine" as it gets passed around the headlines. Even a well-worded press release gets completely mixed up by the time it reaches most people.